Our Multimode UHF Repeater is located in Barberton, Ohio and open to all amatuer operators.

We host two XLX reflectors. XLX445 which is always linked to the KC8ZKI repeater. XLX446 which at times will have DV hardware activated for DMR to DSTAR crossmode QSO's


Repeater Dashboard - XLX445 Dashboard - XLX446 Dashboard

Repeater Configuration Overview

To utilize the repeater locally via RF in DMR mode program your radio for:

RX at 442.1375

TX at 447.1375

Color code 1

You may use either time slot and any Talkgroup(TG). TG445 is static on TS2 and locally monitored.


To utilize the repeater locally via RF in DSTAR mode program your radio for:

Your Call: CQCQCQ



RX 442.1375

TX 447.1375 +DUP 5.000

Reflector XRF445A is static and locally monitored.


To connect DSTAR to the repeater via reflector XLX445 from a hotspot or from another repeater use either:

1) on newer ICOM radio's use the Link to reflector/use reflector features to connect to REF445AL

2) on and older ICOM place XRF445AL in the Your Call field along with the appropriate RPT1 and RPT2 for your local repeater


PLEASE NOTE: DMR TG445 does not transcode to XRF445 on the repeater. The repeater is either in DMR mode or DSTAR mode - it cannot be in both for the same QSO. Please use reflector XLX446 for crossmode QSO's. XLX446 Transoding is offline. When transcoding is online the instructions below explain how it works.


Using XLX446A from DMR to talk to DSTAR on XLX446A
STATUS: Currently NOT transcoding

DSTAR radios connect to the reflector XLX446 using either:

1) on newer ICOM radio's use the Link to reflector/use reflector features to connect to REF446AL

2) on an older ICOM radio place XRF446AL in the Your Call field

* pi-star hotspots will typically have the same IP addresses in the host files for REF, XRF,DCS,and XLX hosts so it should not matter if you use REF446AL, XRF445AL, DCS446AL, or XLX446AL. Whichever you choose you will still need to have your correct RPT1, RPT2, frequencies, and offsets programmed to connect to your hotspot and/or repeater. (i.e not the KC8ZKI entries listed in the section above)


DMR radios connect via DMRGateway to reflector XLX446

Change the seven settings below on the Configuration page of your Pi-Star hotspot

1)Set your DMR Master to DMRGateway and click apply changes to open up the extended menu options

2)Select your preferred BrandMeister Master - typically the one that is closest geographically

3)Set BrandMeister Network Enable to ON so that you can still use BrandMeister TalkGroups

4)Set the XLX Master to XLX_446

5)Set the startup module to A

6)Set XLX Master Enable to ON

7)Set DMR Color Code to 1


DMR users must then also program their radio to work in conjuction with thier hotspot

Create a channel on your radio with talk group 6 set as the talkgroup and also in the receive group if your radio requires RX Groups.

Select the channel you created for TG6 and use your radio's private/manual dial feature to steer hotspot.

Private/manual dial 64001 to connect to XLX446A

Disconnect with private dial 64000
Private call to 65000 will provide connection status via voice

IMPORTANT: after using manual dial and connecting, switch back to using the channel in standard group call TG6 mode to both send and receive.


HINT: you cannot connect a DMR radio and DSTAR radio that are associated with the same callsign. The transcoder works by sending the mode back to the callsign that was used to connect. i.e if you want to test your configurations make sure the DMR radio has an ID that is not associated with your DSTAR callsign.

Reporting Problems

Please email kc8zki@gmail.com to report any problems.